About Us

Hidden Acres Horse Farm is a family run business, which provides board for horses.

Our gated property provides your horse with all the essentials the horse may require during his/her stay at our farm. The stalls are cleaned daily by Brenda Martin, owner and manager. Grain is served to the horses for Breakfast and Dinner. The horses are provided with hay and water every day.  During the days the horse will enjoy several hours outside in either a private pasture or group turn out. The boys get to play with the boys and the girls stay with the girls.

This 25 acre hidden farm has an indoor arena for the convenience of  riding during bad weather. If the weather happens to be wonderful you may enjoy the outdoor arena or several trails we keep clear for trail riding. During the long winter months Robert Martin Jr. tends to craft odd jumps inside his basement. These completed jumps can be found in summer time spread over the grass field for the Hunter jumpers to enjoy.

Brenda Martin will also foal out mares. We have a foal watch camera and a foaling stall.

Hidden Acres Horse Farm is a wonderful environment for you and your horses.